Enrique Muñoz

Dr. Enrique Muñoz
Dr. Enrique Muñoz
+56 2 2354 76 25

Main Researcher
Faculty of Physics
Specialty: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Physics, Transport Phenomena.









Professor Enrique Muñoz has a PhD in Physics and a PhD in Bioengineering, both at Rice University, Houston (2008). He worked on statistical mechanics, theoretical biophysics and bioengeeniring under the advice of Dr. Michael Deem. He did theoretical-experimental research in the Catalysis and Nanomaterials Group of Dr. Michael Wong (Rice U.). After his PhD, Dr. Muñoz bacame a researcher at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Rice U. (2009-2010), where he studied thermal conductivity in carbon nanostructures, in the team of Dr. Boris Yakobson - financed by the aeronautical company Lockheed-Martin (LANCER). Currently, he is an Associate Professor at Institute of Physics of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and his expertise is in Condensed Matter Physics: research in transport properties in nanostructures, such as graphene and quantum dots. Chemical Engineering/Bioengineering: Modeling of heterogeneous catalysis, drug delivery in microcapsules. Molecular evolution.

Interest Areas

  • Transport phenomena (electrical, thermal) in solids and nanostructures. Strongly correlated electronic systems. Modeling of reaction/diffusion and catalysis.