The Research Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, CIEN-UC, belongs to the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and performs high-level scientific research oriented technology application.

Instrumentation Services

Field Emission Scanning Electron (FESEM) Microscopy Service Prices

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X-RAY Photonelectron spectrometry service (XPS)

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Lorena Barrientos, Research Director of CIEN-UC and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, talks about graphene, the material of the future, and Nanotechnology.

Entrevista Lorena Barrientos

"Graphene is considered the material of the future, precisely due to its properties at nanometric scale".”.

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In the Nanotechnology Universe

Although it is not yet visible to the majority, the world is changing by leaps and bounds and it goes hand in hand with nanotechnology. From the most basic applications such as the microscopic copper particles in the socks, to devices that only detect more than twenty diseases through people's breath, this revolution transforms everything into their unstoppable progress.

Microscopia fesem

"This technology uses as main elemente, materials whose dimensions are less than one hundred nanometers”.”.

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César Sáez, Member of the Research, Science and Technology Department of Pontificia Universidad Católica and Main Researcher of CIEN-UC, talks about the government's project that aims to restrict the use of plastic bags in the country.

Moreover, he mentions the total prohibition of this type of material can suppose negative externalities and he bets for a gradual cultural change.

Entrevista César Sáez

"I am concerned that alternative materials are not considered in the regulations ”.

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V National Congress of Nanotechnology 2018 Pucón, Chile

From 25 to 29 November 2018 Pucón, Chile.

May 11th, 2018 is the time limit to submit works through the official web site, click here AQUÍ.

CIEN-UC celebrated the inauguration of an equipment for analysis and characterization of materials unique in Chile

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CIEN-UC celebrates the inauguration of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

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November 25-29, 2018 in the beautiful town of Pucón, Region of Araucanía.


This Academic Forum 2016 will take place at Victor Pillon Auditorium, Faculty of Chemistry, San Joaquin Campus on November 11th from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. The title of this workshop is: "Frontiers of Sustainable Materials" and it will be enhanced by the participation of 4 professors from University of Tokyo:

1. Prof. Mitsuhiko Shionoya, Bioinorganic Chemistry: Synthetic and Enzymatic Construction of Metallo-DNA Supramolecular Chemistry: Molecular Containers, Metal-Macrocycle Frameworks, Molecular Machines Organometallic Chemistry: C-centered Metal Array.

2. Prof. Tatsuya Tsukuda Nanoscience and catalysis Physical chemistry

3. Associate Prof. Jun Okabayashi Magnetic materials Low energy consumption devices Characterization using x-ray spectroscopy

4. Assistant Prof. Ryota Sakamoto Low-dimensional nanomaterials based on coordination compounds Luminescent metal complexes

Research job offer with credits on the undergraduate program curriculum

An opportunity has risen to do undergraduate research in order to prepare, on a weekly basis, a print run of news related to Nanotechnology. Applicants must be enthusiastic about sciences, specially about Nanotechnology, he/she must have good Spanish writing skills and be willing to study the researches of CIEN-UC thoroughly. In case of having interest, contact Professor César Sáez to

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High attendance marks the end of the course given by the Professor Enrique Dalchiele.

Students from UC and other Universities took part in the course called:'Fundamentos de la electroquímica y fotoelectroquímica: estudio de la unión semiconductor-electrolito',which was carried out from July the 26th to the 28th at the Physics Institute and which was organized by CIEN-UC.

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Doctor Enrique Dalchiele from Universidad de la Repúplica de Uruguay will give a course called "Fundamentos de la Electroquímica de semiconductor y fotoelectroquímica: estudio de la unión semiconductor-electrolito". To receive access to the course syllabus,
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Nano-óptica: escala visual de una realidad multidisciplinaria", this is the name of the project that involves academics of CIEN-UC and School of Arts of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Ten academics of Universidad Católica (Faculties of Physics, Engineering, Chemistry and School of Arts), will be involved, for the first time, in the project called "Nano-óptica: escala visual de una realidad multidisciplinaria", which is an interesting proposal whose aim is to contribute to the creation of artistic works produced by the interchange of disciplines related to Nanotechnology and Art.

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CIEN-UC and SG ISO Chile entered into a Strategic Alliance Contract

Last April 9th, CIEN-UC entered into a Strategic Alliance Contract withSG ISO Chile, a consulting firm specialized in the implementation of control systems and sustainability in standard ISO.

Under this agreement, investigators of CIEN-UC will give support to the solution of problems which clients of SG ISO Chile have to deal with in different topics, but mainly, in the field of energetic efficiency.

Such document was signed by Max Bañados, Chairman of the CIEN-UC Board and Dean of Physics Faculty; José Mejía López, CIEN-UC Director and Alberto Alonso de la Fuente, SG ISO Chile General Manager.

Dr. Ivan K. Schuller visited Universidad Catolica Campus

Last January 6th, Dr. Ivan Schuller participated, as main speaker, at the MeetUp called "Nanotechnology: opportunities and threats for the industry". More than 100 professionals from different sciences such as Chemistry, Physics, among others, attended the activity.

The MeetUp was organized by CIEN-UC and Centro de Innovacion Anacleto Angelini, both belong to the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Also, it got support from Fundación COPEC-UC.

Japanese scientists receive Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing LED lights

The japanese scientists Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura received Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 last October 7. They were recognized for inventing diodes that emit blue LED lights. This discovery helped to create a new energy source capable to emit more efficient and environmentally friendly white light.

Entrevista CNN

Dr. Samuel Hevia, Research Director from CIEN-UC, was interviewed about this topic by CNN Chile. Hevia said: “we normally use white light, not only red and green. As an example, to iluminate a room is better white light. If we get red, green and blue, the eyes could see white light.”.

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Copec-UC Foundation conducted a Nanotechnology Seminar

New and more efficient medical solution to environmental issues, electronic devices with greater capacity and speed, energy efficiency and multiple uses in the textile, cosmetic and food industry are some of the advantages of nanotechnology. This study area is about technological application of the properties exhibited by the materiales associated to very small structures, typically less than 100 nanometers (1 nanometer is equal to 0,000000001 meters).

The Seminar took place last November 13th at Casa Piedra. A variety of national and international Speakers shared their knowledge about this topic, one of them was Dr. Jose Mejia Lopez, CIEN-UC Director.

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