Surface Science and Soft Biomaterial


The recent development combination at nanoscale with biological molecules for biotechnological applications has resulted in the emergence of Bionanotechnology field.

Some of the applications in this field include the creation of highly funtional systems such as biosensors, molecular and electronic circuits.

This research line is focused on:

  • Structural and topographic characterization of solid surfaces at atomic level.
  • Study of elemental processes of adsorption, film growth and long term stability of organic films on solid surfaces.
  • Incorporation of lipid bilayers and proteins on solid surfaces.
  • Semiempirical modelling of polymers properties for medical use.
  • Molecular dynamics modeling of polymers for medical use.
  • Development of magnetoresistance induced variable-stiffness elastomers.
  • Application of polymers in edible films to improve shelf-life of food.
  • Characterization and modeling of biomaterials.