Technological Properties of Advanced Materials



The rapid progress of the Materials Science and its associate technologies have resulted in a great amount of new materials offering the opportunity to improve the performance or add functionalities. However, if we want these developments to be applied to actual devices, we need to show the specific applicability through characterization of technological pameters directed towards manufacture with the usea of these new materials.

Activities of this research line are focused on: design, production and characterization of studied materials by researchers of CIEN-UC with the purpose of integrating the acquired knowledge and skills to initiate interdisciplinary innovation in the following topics:

  1. Characterization and modelling of the corrosion process of metallic materials.
  2. Study of microstructural effects on technological properties of shape memory alloys.
  3. Design and production of ferroelectric sensors for properties characterization of stem cells used in bone regeneration.


Functionalization of Materials

It is not always necessary to replace the whole device piece to fulfill a specific role, because in most of the applications processes determining functionality occur on the surface. In fact, many of the current multifuncitional materials require modification on their surfaces in order to optimize properties such as: friction, wear and corrosion resistance, among others.

Nowadays, the specific functionalization of diverse materials can be carried out through modification of properties of their surfaces by using the infrastructure and knowledge acquired by CIEN-UC researchers. The following cases will be studied:

  1. Modification and functionalization of metallic surfaces through laser technology.

  2. Functionalization of surfaces through anticorrosive coatings and wearproof on metals.