Mauricio Isaacs

Dr. Mauricio Isaacs
Dr. Mauricio Isaacs
+56 2 2354 34 93

Main Researcher
Faculty of Chemistry
Specialty: Reconvertion strategies of carbon dioxide,characterization of surfaces through spectroscopic techniques.








PhD in Chemistry of Universidad de Santiago de Chile, 2002.

Currently, he works as an Associate Professor and Director at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. His research areas address different reconvertion strategies of carbon dioxide in both liquid fuels and value-added products. To achieve this aim varied techniques are used such as photochemical, electrochemical and photo-electrochemical by using catalysts and electrocatalysts such as multimetallic porphyrins: semiconductor coordination compounds and nanocrystalline semiconductors.

Interest Areas

  • Characterization of surfaces through spectroscopic techniques such as UV -visible, FI-IR-ATR Raman, electrochemical technique, spectral and electrochemical techniques and scannig electrochemical microscopy.