Se busca postdoc!!

Se buscan candidatos para postular al Concurso de Fondecyt de Postdoctorado (cierre 20 de Mayo) en el area de fisica experimental. Por favor interesados contactar a Jero Maze (, +56-2-2354 4486).

Ph. D. Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, 2010

M. Sc. Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, 2008.
M. Sc. Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Santiago, Chile, 2004.
Ingeniero Industrial Electrico, Pontificia Universidad Catolica,
Santiago, Chile, 2002.


My areas of interest include theoretical descriptions and experimental realizations of quantum phenomena in condensed matter and quantum optics. In particular, my research concentrates in defects in solid state systems for quantum information and high precision measurements with applications to biology and material science. My theoretical research involves models related with decoherence and topology of quantum systems.