Electron Beam Evaporator
Temescal Electron beam evaporator of 7KW with six pockets, operating in a Edwards High Vacuum system (base pressure 10-7 Torr), with shutter system and a quartz crystal monitor and deposition controller.

System for electrical transport measurements at low temperatures
Transport measurements are performed in a vacuum chamber (base pressure bellow 10-8 Torr), using a Keithley electrometer model 6517B, optimized for high resistance measurement, and closed cooling system (Janis) that can operate in a wide range of temperatures (10 K to 500 K).

Photoelectrochemical setup
Solar Simulator 1.5 soles 2 inch diameter beam operating with a PEC cell and a potentiostat.

UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer
USB4000 Spectrometer OceanOptics operating in the range of 200-1100nm