Our research consist in explore the fabrication methods of nanomaterials and study their physical and chemical properties using advanced experimental techniques. Our main purpose is the development nanomaterials to use in technological applications.
The main way to manufacture these nanostructures is by using a nanoporous membrane sinthesysed in a controlled way. Is possible modulate the pore size from 20 nm to 200 nm and their thickness from 100 nm to 20 um. We can make nanotubes, nanorods and nanodots of different materials, such as carbon nanotubes, nickel nanorods, etc. We use several techniques of microscopy and spectroscopy to characterize these materials, and we study the behavior of their properties at low temperatures (a few degrees Kelvin). Our purpose is to investigate how these nanomaterials can be used in different technological applications. Particularly, we study how to employ them in efficient photocatalysts for hydrogen production by water splitting using sunlight, and explore their use in chemical and biological sensors