Visa: You can find here a list of countries whose citizens do require a visa to enter Chile. Visitors from some countries (such as Australia, Canada, Mexico and Albania) should pay a reciprocity tax at their arrival in Santiago International Airport.

Arrival: Santiago International Airport is located approximately 20 km west of downtown Santiago. There are different options for getting from the airport to Santiago: airport buses, airport vans, and taxis.

Airport buses. There are two lines of buses that go from the airport to Santiago: Tur Bus and Centropuerto. You can catch the buses immediately upon exiting the main airport terminal. During the day they run frequently. You pay the driver directly. Once you arrive to Santiago you can use the subway. Most people get off the airport bus at the subway stations "Pajaritos" or "Ecuador" (line 1) and take the subway to their final destination.

Airport vans and taxis. There are many vans and taxis that serve the airport. Inside the main terminal when you exit customs you will find the official taxi booths. There you can arrange for a taxi or a van to take you to your destination. The cost depends on your final destination (for example a ride in taxi to downtown Santiago costs about 20'000 Chilean pesos). Usually one can pay in Chilean pesos or in US dollars, in cash or with a credit card. It is not common to tip the driver.

Immediately upon exiting customs you will likely be approached by people asking if you need a taxi. For your safety we recommend that you proceed to the official taxi booths.

Getting to Viña del Mar: Several bus companies link Santiago to Viña del Mar Bus Terminal. In Santiago, the buses run from the subway station "Pajaritos" (line 1), the Alameda Bus Terminal or the Estación Central Bus Terminal. If you come from Santiago Airport, the best option is to take a bus to Viña del Mar at the subway station Pajaritos. The main bus company operating the route is Tur Bus, but various other companies are available.

Taking a taxi or a shuttle from Santiago Airport to Viña del Mar is also possible. The ride costs about 65'000 Chilean pesos.

Getting to the University: The lectures will take place in the Auditorio Principal, Building A of the Federico Santa María Technical University in Viña del Mar. The simplest and most reliable way to get to the University is by metro. The metro station metro station ''Portales'' is 5 minutes walk from the entrance of the University on Avenida España.


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